Directional rear wheels

Model 9301 comes with an anatomical shaped back, reclinable and removable middle part of the seat, removable front wheels 24x1 3/8 PU, directional rear wheels 200x30 PU soft and manual brakes on the front wheels. Seat widths are available as: 430 - 460 - 500 and 530 mm.

Available accessories: L55 Headrest, L06 Headrest, B22 Spreader, L04 Side supports, B12 Wooden table and a B15 Plexi table.

Upholstery Color(s)
Frame Color(s)
*Options and features may differ according to your country. Subject to technical changes.

L55 - shapeable headrest.jpg
L55 - Headrest

L06 headrest for 9300 serie.jpg
L06 - Headrest

B22 spreader.jpg
B22 - Spreader

B12 wooden table.jpg
B12 - Wooden table

B15 - plexi table.jpg
B15 - Plexi table

L04 side supports.jpg
L04 - Side support


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