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Introducing the HP2TM Backrest Series: Precision, Performance, and Postural Support

Engineered for high performance and precision, the HP2TM backrest line is tailored to individuals with significant postural asymmetries. Characterized by a rigid shell providing comprehensive lateral and central support, this backrest ensures optimal comfort and stability.

Key Features:

  • Uniform Distribution of Pressure and Weight:

Experience unmatched comfort with the HP2TM, offering uniform distribution of pressure and weight for optimal support.

  • Improved Stability and Posture:

Elevate your seating experience with the HP2TM backrest, designed to enhance stability and posture.

  • Reduced Sliding and Limited Spasticity:

The HP2TM minimizes sliding and limits spasticity, ensuring a secure and controlled seating position.

  • Adaptable to Basic and Complex Postural Deviations:

Address both basic and complex postural deviations effortlessly with the HP2TM backrest.

  • Increased Overall Back Support:

The HP2TM Contour model offers enhanced overall back support, ideal for individuals requiring additional trunk support.
Tailored for Active Users:

Designed for quick installation and removal with a backrest inclination range from 0° to 40°, the HP2TM ensures an optimal sitting position. The ergonomic shape of the HP2TM Profiled promotes upper limb movement, facilitating manual propulsion. Additionally, the lateral supports of the HP2TM Profiled are adjustable both vertically and laterally, offering a customized fit for ultimate comfort.

Elevate your seating experience with the HP2TM Backrest Series – where precision meets performance for unparalleled postural support.

*Options and features may differ according to your country. Subject to technical changes.
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